Hello everyone, today I had the opportunity to accompany a family member to open a bank account and IRD (Inland Revenue Department) number, so I want to write a post to share the preparation documents and save time for others in the future.

Opening a Bank Account

A. Preparation Documents Original passport (the bank will make photocopies) Your visa (remember to print it out) And a “Boarding House Tenancy Agreement” if you’re sharing a room in a house (print from page 1 – page 7): [link] OR a “Residential Tenancy Agreement” if you’re renting the entire house. Download it, fill in the information, and get the landlord’s signature for confirmation (remember to print it out). You can download it from the attached file or here: [link] After that, bring everything to the bank and ask them to open an account for you. Once your account is open, request a card similar to a bank card, but in a Swipe format, which can be used to deposit money into the bank and make payments while waiting for the chip-enabled card to be sent to your home address. (I did this procedure at ASB bank, so it might differ slightly in other banks.)

B. Steps to Take After Having a Bank Account After receiving the card, ask the bank staff to guide you on how to deposit money into the bank account. Then, deposit a certain amount of money, for example: $100, $200, … After making the deposit, withdraw a certain amount of money, for example: $20, $50, … Next, request a confirmation paper from the bank stating your account number and a bank statement. The purpose of this process is to obtain a bank statement with transaction history to authenticate that the account is actively in use.

Obtaining an IRD Number

Individual Tax Number Usually, it’s recommended to go to the post office or AA (Automobile Association) in person to obtain an IRD number instead of doing it online. This saves time and makes it easier for you, as you won’t have to deal with entering your name in the online IRD system.

Documents needed to apply for an IRD number: Your visa Original passport 1 bank statement (obtained during the bank card application process) 1 confirmation paper with your account number and current address. Once you have all the necessary documents prepared, you can go to AA or the Post Office to inquire about the fast-track procedure.

I hope this helps you save time on paperwork.